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It all started when we fell in love


Hello and welcome! 

I’m Kelsey, I am a destination wedding and portrait photographer based in sunny, Southern California. My husband, Michael, and I are a photography duo and our love is the foundation for every photograph and memory we capture. My love of organization and genuine care for my clients and Michael’s calm, contagious presence make us a pretty unstoppable team. I’m innately drawn to warmth, color, and elegance; which I try to emulate into all of my work. Creating art gives me confidence and fulfills me in a way like nothing else can (although, I’ve heard this will change once we have kids ;) ) We are drawn to simplicity, genuine connection, and find beauty in all things we encounter.

Michael and I are both aspiring chefs and spending our free time, together, at the beach. Michael is currently working toward his goal of becoming a doctor, all the while photographing weddings and portraits alongside me. Whether capturing families in their homes, the swells of the ocean, or a romantic ceremony, we truly invest ourselves into all aspects of our work and feel extremely honored to have the privilege of capturing so many beautiful moments. The genuine connection that happens in front of my camera and with my clients is priceless. Our relationships serve as the foundation of our business, a source of inspiration, and constant support and growth systems for each other.


Portrait by Anna Peters.


Only a few months left until your wedding day?

Make sure you have everything in order well before the stress begins to amount. Use this checklist to help facilitate the picture process and ease your worries before your big day. A stress-free wedding day will be the key to getting the pictures of your dreams. Download the checklist to get prepared!