Michael is the mastermind of the back office. He is in charge of designing our website, managing our equipment, and assisting me during shoots; he's really the best pack-mule of all time. He's creative, yet technical and the images that he does take- yes, he shoots too!- are always beautiful. He became interested in film photography before we started dating and introduced it to me while we were in college. He taught me the basics of loading and metering and we continued to learn together. He focuses on pushing our skills and trying new techniques. Michael brings a sense of structure and form into the photography, which balances well with my sense of style and emotion. He's quiet at first but his subtle sarcasm and jokes always stir up some good laughter. Michael has a calmness to him that he's able to rub off onto others, he has good energy. Michael is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Health at University of California, Irvine but manages his time well and is able to help with our business and accompany me to all of our events.