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Moments with your loved ones are always filled with energy and that is how they deserve to be captured. Those moments range from a recent engagement to your children eating cereal at the kitchen counter in their underwear; each of those moments are special. 

My process will make your session feel personal with finding a thoughtful location, creating a comfortable environment, and removing stress around what to wear. I have created a custom process to help you feel comfortable and confident and I focus on capturing that confidence and the radiating love you share. Portrait and Family Sessions start at $700. 


You just booked your portrait session and you suddenly have nothing to wear!

Totally been there before. It's as if every time I actually need to look cute, all of my clothes are "ugly" or I have "nothing in my closet ;) You feel me? Finding the perfect outfit can be a struggle. Let me help ease the pain so you can focus on bringing your energy to the shoot and you can look and feel your best! Before your shoot, we can go virtual shopping together and find you the perfect look! In the mean time, use my FREE GUIDE with FIVE SIMPLE TIPS to help you pick the perfect outfit!