Rolling Hills Anniversary Session

There is truly something special about finding a location to fit a couple and the feel of a session. The California coast is beautiful in every direction but for this shoot, the other vendors and I decided to capture California in a different light. We headed inland towards rolling hills. The original location we scouted out was thick with fog so we thought on our toes and chased the morning sun. We found ourselves in a gorgeous spot that resembled hills from another country. The light perfectly hit the flowers and trees as we were setting up for what turned out to be a magical Anniversary session. 

The couple, Dominic and Ashley, met in college. After being together for about a decade, they were married a year ago and I had the privilege to photograph their Anniversary session. I love how sweet they are with each other and how visible their love is. They are glowing in every photo and if I didn't know any different, I could have mistaken this session for bridals on the couple's wedding day. 

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Kelsey Cowley