The Pacific Northwest

Michael and I consider planning a trip to be almost as fun as taking the trip. The both of us, separately, started looking up details to take a trip to the PNW and after making the connection that we were both on board, we made it a reality. Camping and eating were the two main priorities of this vacation. We asked around to friends who knew the area and made a list of the activities and restaurants. 

From Utah, we drove to a campsite in Washington just a few hours outside of Portland. We camped in our 4-Runner, woke up the next morning and headed straight to Voo Doo Doughnuts. We were actually pretty let down by the quality and taste, so we took the recommendation to try Blue Star and those made us forget about Voo Doo altogether. Take it from me, I am not a donut person, but Blue Star donuts were damn good. 

After spending a few nights in the city, we headed toward the coast for a couple nights of car camping by the ocean. Over the many camping trips we have taken, we have learned that car camping is truly an art. There are few things as good as waking up and walking along the coast. And since this trip highly revolved around memories, the way we chose to keep these memories was by shooting film in picturesque spots. The remainder of our time along the coast consisted of driving around small towns and through neighborhoods to look at houses, stopping at fruit stands, whale watching, and several rolls of film. We finished off the trip back in the city.

We can't wait for our next trip to the PNW. Although this trip was about our personal work, we hope the next time we go back is to shoot a wedding. We learned of some of the most beautiful, serene locations we both have ever dreamed of. There is something about the ocean and the waves that is so romantic.  

Kelsey CowleyComment