Love In The City

I knew my first time in the city would be special, maybe it's all of the romance movies I've watched, but I was most excited to experience Central Park. 

Michael and I headed to Central Park and just walked around to take it all in. I let Michael lead us around the park and we found a few locations that embodied the city. Before any session, we talk with our clients about colors, locations, and how we plan to capture them. With Katie and Rick, the only requirement was to capture their happiness in moving to New York City. The weather was perfect, the trees were in bloom, and iconic yellow taxis perfectly in place. And we finished off the day at Patsy's -the best pizza we've ever had in the states- and Levain Bakery (which we both thought was overrated). 

Were both excited for our next opportunity to come to the city. It is truly a remarkable and beautiful place to be.

Kelsey Cowley