How to Find Home

We spent a great Presidents' weekend in Arizona. We saw family, friends, and other creatives, ate great food, and of course, shot lots of film. It's convenient that Michael and I both happen to be from the same state. I've always had a deep love for Arizona; I love the desert, the heat, straight roads, monsoons, and the way your seatbelt can give you a 3rd degree burn in the middle of the summer. Michael and I got married in Arizona in the middle of August... and no one told us we were insane [what supportive friends and family we have! ;) ]. Living in California makes going back even sweeter. 

When we first moved to California, we knew it was a place we always wanted to live at some point. Utah never really felt like home to us and it never felt permanent, but for some reason when we moved to California, nothing really felt like home. When we go back to Arizona, everyone lives their own lives; they are busy with work and their routines, our friends are married and building their careers or raising babies, and my siblings are in school. We do not feel like Arizona is really a place we call "Home" anymore. Even though we CHOSE to move to California, we still didn't feel settled right away. Michael is attending UCI for a Masters in Public Health, and even bigger things to come. We've now been here for about eight months and we realized that it doesn't really matter what city, state, or country we are in, but what is important is where we establish our home. Right now, that home is a 2-bedroom apartment in Orange County, and lucky for us it happens to be 4 miles from the beach. I think Michael and I always feel silly and out of place pulling up to a stop light and seeing an 18-year old driving a Rolls Royce, but it's just another thing we laugh about. 

We really love living in Southern California. I know, I know... but for us, the good far outweighs the bad of traffic and taxes. You could say we are blind to this love ;) We are excited to start putting even more roots here, especially in our business. If you are a fellow creative here in SoCal, let's get together. 

And if you have never been to Arizona or California, add them to your travel list ASAP! A sunset over the ocean is nothing short of amazing, but I tell Mike all the time, Arizona skies just can't be topped. End of story.