Desert to Mountains

The McBride's are a beautiful couple with a spunky daughter. Mallory and Taylor are welcoming a baby boy to their family in a few months. We can't wait to see Ellie become a big sister. And isn't her hair incredible?! 

The McBride's hired us last fall to take their holiday photos just as they were days away from moving from Arizona to Utah. Now since they have lived in Utah for a few seasons, they really desired photos of their family in their new home in their new state. After roaming around Midway, Utah, we found some beautifully open areas that over looked the mountains on one side and Midway on the other. Ellie was obsessed with her colored chapstick the whole day, so what is not pictured is continuous application and wiping off between pictures. But when she had her chapstick, she was a dream to work with and helped us get these amazing shots of their family. 

Kelsey Cowley