The Rest of the City From Our View

A couple months before we our trip, I decided I wanted to run a half marathon. I will remind you, this would be my very first time to New York. I'm still not sure why Michael encouraged me to do sign up for the race. The end of the school semester was hectic so training was the first thing to go. Our first two days in the city we walked about thirty miles. I went into the race sore and came out...sore. More so than I even knew possible for my own body. Right after the race we were back to walking. We walked everywhere. We ate every few hours, pizza at least once a day, dessert after every meal, stops to reload the camera, slept on the subway, saw the Plaza in all of it's glory, got lost, shopped, cried, and laughed. We found out while we were there that Michael was accepted to the School of Public Heath at NYU for his masters. Although we did not end up moving to New York, we hope to go back soon and visit often. 

Kelsey Cowley