Five Reasons Why We Love To Shoot Film


Photography is an art that can be created in a variety of ways whether it is capturing weddings, families, or editorials. Wedding photography is our greatest passion and extremely important, as the magic of a wedding day cannot be recreated. An engaged couple should choose their wedding photographer based on how well their styles align. There are many different photography styles; our style captures love and light with natural beauty. We believe that there is an added glow to images shot on film. Film photography may be scary to some and considered an old-school, “hope for the best” process, but it should not be anymore! We love using film as our fine art medium. We were recently at dinner with some of our new neighbors and we talked about our professions. We mentioned that we are wedding photographers and one of the couple’s said, “we are so old, our wedding photographer used old-school film for all of our pictures”. And our response was, “consider yourselves lucky!”

Every aspect about film photography is customizable. There is a wide variety of film stocks that each produce a wide range of colors. We will have another post out soon that will talk more in depth about film stocks and colors. Different film stocks can produce anything from soft & light to bold & colorful. Even in the method of exposure and development, the images can vary in color, contrast, and feel. Film has a style for everyone.

A huge benefit to using film is the dynamic range to capture any moment in any setting. Film can handle any environment: direct sun, artificial light, and low light. Film adores light and allows the image to illuminate the dark areas without blowing out the details in the highlights. But most importantly, it can handle all skin tones beautifully by capturing colors in their true nature. Skin tones should be creamy and realistic. One of our favorite parts of this industry, is being able to meet individuals of all nationalities and with different cultures comes different skin tones and traditions. Our mission is to deliver images that portray the moment in the most beautifully organic way.

The images film produces are timeless. The rich tones and color characteristics of film cannot be imitated. Film photography is not just a trend, but is a timeless art. When shooting with film, the vast majority of the work is done prior to taking the picture. If the scene is set up, measured, and executed properly, it produces a near perfect image that requires very little post production. We have built a personal relationship with our development lab to ensure we achieve our desired colors and tones. Because we shoot true to natural settings, we hope to deliver images that will evoke feelings and scenes so true to the moment that they can be felt for many years to come.

Film forces a slower tempo. Each image captured needs to be thoroughly planned to ensure it turns out perfectly. While shooting film, it is important to have a plan for each frame. Working with film builds a meaningful attention to detail; film is truly all about the details. We found that we have become more patient waiting for the magical moments. For us as a photography duo, we enjoy taking the extra time to exercise our creativity and get to know our clients and surroundings.

Lastly, film photography is a lifelong commitment that requires continuous practice in order to achieve consistently beautiful images. Each photography session is a new environment; the location of the sun, amount of reflected light, and scenery of the location all need to be considered to achieve a proper exposure. Film is a challenging art that can be viewed as a puzzle with pieces that can be arranged multiple ways to build a complete image. Our art is a rewarding experience for us and our favorite way to express our creativity.

Film is an art that has amazing results in any situation because of the way it presents skin tones, color ranges, and a dynamic glow. Although we use both digital and film in our photography, we adore how film reacts with love and light. We think about every frame, every moment, every click of the shutter. There is nothing more rewarding than receiving scans to find perfect gems of love between a family or a couple on their wedding day.