Friday Favorites


Friday Favorites is a new weekly series we will be doing! We decided it's probably time for everyone to get to know us and we thought this would be a fun way to share a little about us each week. If you have questions about us, just ask, we are open books! Especially about photography. 


one. When we first started, we were both really inspired by Jonathan Canlas' work and shot only Kodak Portra film stocks (specifically Portra 160 for personal and landscape work and Portra 400 for client sessions). For about the last year, we've been exclusively shooting with Fuji400H. We were never "we only shoot Fuji" people, but just kind of fell into that pattern for more consistent work and we obviously love the colors and tones. Recently, I decided to go back to our roots and bring Portra back into our lineup, and I'm really glad I did. I forgot how forgiving and rich these film stocks were and the depth of color they contain. (For those of you reading that aren't familiar with film, a film stock is the brand and speed of film we use.) 

two. This is a three-in-one; my uniform. If you've seen me recently, I am proud to admit I've been in some variation of this outfit: these pants, a t-shirt, and this sweater. I love these pants, too, and dress them up from time to time. I've even gone as far to say that I'm hoping the weather stays in cooler temps so I can keep wearing my cozy sweater. I'm either a creature of habit or I just know whats good ;)

three. Usually by the time Thursday rolls around, we are both on complete auto pilot and then we get to enjoy the weekend before starting again. Don't get me wrong, I'm a girl who lovessss her routine, but sometimes it's good to break from routine and have a good time. A friend of mine, who lives in Long Beach, met me for lunch the other day with her two boys. We went to one of Michael and I's favorite spots. It's called Taco Mesa and if you are ever in Orange County, I highly recommend it. Funny story: I am pretty picky when it comes to eating out and I'm always a bit skeptical going to knew places. Michael had googled "healthy restaurants near me" and Taco Mesa popped up. I was immediately sold. Healthy Mexican food? Yep. So we pull up to this small bright pink building COVERED in bold artwork and stickers. The food is amazing, the atmosphere is cool and relaxed, and they even make fresh, cold-pressed juices. 


ONE: Getting an early start to each day is vital for us. We try to fill our days with class, errands, homework, and photography. Since we do not drink coffee, Zipfizz is our kickstart. We split one everyday on our morning commute to class. This week was unusually busy with a draft of my proposal due, so I was very happy to be able to keep hustling. 

TWO: During our most recent in-home photography session, we were hit with a wild card. Despite the whole morning being sunny, as soon as we arrived to the house it became cloudy. It was much darker than we expected. If it was not for this reflector, it would have been too dark to shoot. We were able to balance the shadows and bounce light through the house to light the dark areas. That little guy saved us. 

THREE: I have not found an alarm that doesn't annoy me. I am always changing the alarm tone, but all of the Apple sounds are horrible. This week I made a change. For some reason, I have a deep connection with the music of Jack Johnson. So I decided to set the alarm sound as an album from Jack. Ten minutes after the annoying alarm gets me out of bed. It has been a blissful week of wake ups not being irritated in the morning.

With love,

Kels & Michael

Kelsey Cowley