Friday Favorites

Personal shot from a few weeks ago. We had about 20 minutes of spare time, hurried to the beach, and played with some light. Shot on Fuji400H, developed and scanned at  The FIND Lab . 

Personal shot from a few weeks ago. We had about 20 minutes of spare time, hurried to the beach, and played with some light. Shot on Fuji400H, developed and scanned at The FIND Lab

Here goes week two! This week managed to FLY by.

Kelsey's Favorites

one. Our March Personal Project started yesterday! I don't think we are going to share many details about the project but we will definitely give some sneak peeks along the way. I will say, the project is starting out with us shooting Portra 400. The completed project will include 60+ images, so that will be an exciting post!

two. On Monday, Mike's sister and our niece and nephews stayed at our house! They were driving from San Jose to Arizona and decided to break up the trip with a night at our place! We love having company and one of our favorite "party tricks" is using our pizza oven. We made a few pizzas, BBQ chicken for us adults and good ol' pepperoni for the little kids. I decided to try out a new dough recipe my friend, Angela, swears by:

2 1/2 cups of flour (you can use wheat)

1 TBSP yeast

2 TBSP oil (I used olive oil)

1 cup of hot water

1 tsp salt

1 tsp sugar (I didn't add the sugar and thought is was still delicious!)

Mix with a spoon, knead 30 times, put it in a Ziploc bag to rise for 10-20 minutes. Fool proof.

three. We've been big into channeling energy and really manifesting our goals. We have post-it notes everywhere, monetary goals posted on our fridge and walls, and creative inspiration hung in our office. We've started to invest our positive energy into dreaming big and making these dreams a reality. About a month ago, every Sunday after church we started a tradition to change into comfy clothes, gather up snacks, and then drive around neighborhoods looking at houses. We know that success takes time so we are just making sure we have our house picked out when that big success hits ;)  But really, it has become something we both really look forward to. We always seem to find ourselves in the same neighborhood in Newport Beach and it is so fun to think of fixer upper ideas and image a family playing in the yard. My favorite part of this neighborhood is that everyone just keeps their doors open during the day, kids are playing outside, and it just has that welcoming feeling. So here I am, putting into words that we WILL to be photographing beautiful weddings this year. And if we end up settling in California after Mike graduates from Med School, we WILL own a cute home in our favorite neighborhood.


ONE: Pentax 645. We have used a few cameras through our years of photography, but we have fallen in love with the Pentax 645 nii. There are fantastic things about every camera, and we slowly transitioned to using a Contax 645 until we stopped using the Pentax. We have enjoyed using it but there are certain flaws and difficulties that affect our enjoyment from it. Last week we made a serious effort to bring the Pentax back. We were thrilled to see the most recent scans from the Goodson’s. I think this camera just brings us back to our roots and fills us with confidence.

TWO: Patagonia Jacket. It has been a true winter the last few weeks in Orange County. As Kels takes me to school in the mornings, it has typically been 45 degrees, which is freezing for the coast. I have worn this jacket (almost) every day to save me from the cold and freezing wind. It just feels so good to be warm.

THREE: The beach. Every Wednesday for work, we take the seventy 4th and 5th graders in our program on a field trip. We typically go to a big park in the county, a nature walk through the hills, and occasionally the beach. All of these kids live far below the poverty level and do not have access to the simple joys that California offers. Even though most of these kids have lived in Huntington Beach their whole lives, some of them have never visited the beach before, and the field trip we went on Wednesday was their first experience. It was great to see the wonder and amazement through something as simple as the beach.

Kelsey Cowley