Friday Favorites


Kelsey's Favorites

one. I never go anywhere without sunglasses. If it's the cloudiest, darkest day, rain is pouring, I have sunglasses on. I have two pairs that I alternate between. One pair, I've had since high school. The other pair is cute, but the lenses are SO dark, so they can really only be worn when it is a sunny day. I recently decided to start looking for new options, a pair with a medium tint lens and large frames to protect my face. Michael never wears sunglasses; says they make him tired. He doesn't really understand the investment, but I really want this pair!!! In my dreams. 

two. A good friend of ours shares our passion in cooking. He is much more adventurous than we are with his recipes and techniques, but we definitely still bond over a deep love of food. This week, Jeremy did a giveaway for a few loaves of his sourdough bread. We happened to win, he overnighted us a loaf, and my life will never be the same. I don't usually life sourdough bread, nor do we eat bread often, but damn. Take a peek at his blog for some of the best restaurant recommendations and recipes.

three. I'm currently on my way to San Jose. Michael was supposed to come with but he decided to stay behind to finish up some school work. We had Delta credit from a trip last year and we decided to use it to fly up to San Jose for our niece's birthday party. The love amongst all of our nephews and niece is equal, but the stars just happened to align with this specific birthday so I hope she remembers it forever ;) Yesterday I posted some images from her first birthday. She's turning four this year and I'm excited to snap more this weekend. I'm bringing our Contax 645 and 2 rolls. of Fuji 400 H. My sister-in-law said she wants to go up to Half Moon Bay... if that happens, I will probably regret bringing only two rolls of film. I'll keep you posted. Side note: March Madness is one of my favorite holidays, if you also consider it one (we do). Thankfully, my brother in law loves basketball. So even though I'll be gone this weekend, I know I'll still be able to fit in some games.

Michael's Favorites

ONE: Finals week. This is my last week of classes before finals, and now is the time for preparing. Since UCI is on the quarter system, we have 10 week quarters instead of the typical 17 week semester. This makes the classes seem crazy fast. It feels like just a few weeks ago I went to these classes for the first time. Finals week is never easy, but its a time to prove to yourself that you actually learned something. Well, at least that is the view I have during my graduate degree. Wish me some luck this coming week, cause yet another finals week is coming. Here comes another quarter, another set of classes, and another round of blazing fast school. Im just glad I am spending this time in a beautiful place, which leads me to my next favorite..

TWO: The sunshine. Almost everyday in Orange County is sunny. Often the day begins with some clouds or fog, but by 11am, the sun is shining bright. Nearly the entire past week has been raining, some days raining so much there is a river in the streets between apartments. Rain is always needed, but smaller doses is preferred. The mornings are still cold, a healthy 55 degrees, but as long as the sunshines, everything is right is the world. 

THREE: March Madness. Need I say more? Im going to say more anyway. Making and filling out brackets is something I have done for decades. Joe, Ryan, and I would play these games in my backyard with the hoop set to 7 feet dunking like Michael Jordan. Things would get pretty heated. There were only a few fights. Now, My wife and I fill out brackets and go against everyone else in my family. Kels has been in the top 3 every year. As of now, Arizona is down by 14 to a 13 seed and I have them in the Final Four. So my bracket is about to be busted, but hey, basketball all day right? 

With love,

Kels & Mike

Kelsey Cowley