Friday Favorites


Pulled from our 'Disney Vault' 2 years ago. Shot on Portra 400 on a Nikon F3 and scanned and developed by the FIND Lab.


Kelsey's Favorites

one. My favorite lipstick. I found this lipstick originally looking for a very pale nude pink. The girl at the Bobbi Brown counter told me this was a very popular "nude pink" color. When I tried it on, I realized it's not even close to nude and very pink, but I loved it! Even more than the color, the formula is so creamy. It's not stick WHATSOEVER, the color lasts, and it's so hydrating. I got my mom one for Christmas a few years ago and we are both still hooked on it. Perfect color for all the seasons (even though we only experience one here in CA)!

two. Michael's family has been in town all this week. Parents, three siblings, their spouses, and our nephews and niece. We are all braving Disneyland today. Michael and I have annual passes so we try to go a few times a month for date night but we rarely go all day anymore. We love Disneyland, we even went on our honeymoon and every anniversary since. Everyone talks about Disney treats and we jump on a few bandwagon favorites. We love a good dole whip, hot churro, and a classic ice cream cone. If you're a Disney fanatic, don't hate me for saying this, but I really don't like corn dogs. Now that that's out in the open, I'll tell you that my favorite treat is a caramel apple. I loved the worms and dirt specialty apple at Halloween time, but any other time, I choose the apple pie caramel apple. You best believe we will be eating our way around the park today. 

three. I was gifted this purse about a year ago and to be honest, I'm not a purse girl. I've always wanted to be but growing up, my dad always told me, "if you spend all of your money on a purse, you won't have any left to put anything inside the purse". I bet Mike wishes I carried a purse more often because I usually just end up sticking a credit card in my back pocket and my phone and the keys usually end up in Mike's pocket (sorry babe). Since we have been so busy this week, I've been carrying everything around in this purse. I needed my Pentax with me one day and I didn't really want to carry it around my neck, there are already plenty of tourists in this town, I didn't need to add to the party. I quickly emptied my purse of anything taking up major room and put my Pentax and light meter at the bottom, my sunglasses case, AND a sweater. Can you believe it all fit? I felt like Mary Poppins, but cuter ;) So maybe I'll start carrying a purse more often now that I know it doubles as a camera bag (probably not though). 

Michael's Favorites


Bengal Barbeque: Were at Disneyland with my family today and we love it! We try to come every other week for a date night. The rides are amazing, but sometimes they are not worth the 45-minute wait. So we often just get a skewer from Bengal Barbeque and walk around enjoying the sights and all the people. The skewers are so cheap and one of the best food items at the park, the veggie is our favorite.


Sunsets: This past week we were driving through Costa Mesa. While we were on Placentia, we passed the overlook at the Fairview park and saw the most beautiful sunset ever. The clouds were colored with blue, red, orange, and yellow. The sun’s rays were shining through the clouds as the sun dipped under the hills of Palos Verdes. We pulled off the road and had to take pictures. If you saw our Instagram stories, the you were graced by its beauty.


 California Air: Last night as I was walking home from taking the trash out, the air had a distinctive smell. Luckily it did not smell like the trash I walked by. But it was a scent that brought me to joy. You could sense the humidity, smell the trees, and feel the cold. This was the feeling in the air when Kels and I first moved to Costa Mesa. This was when we were completely turned around with no local favorites. It was a great reminder of the adventures we have taken together.

Kelsey Cowley