When in... Paris!


In February of last year, we found irresistible flights to Paris that would land us there for a week over Christmas. The ideas immediately started rushing into my mind. Other than Rocky Point, Mexico, I had never been outside the US. But I don't really even count Rocky Point because the year I went, you didn't even need a passport to cross the border. Michael has been to several countries around the world; he has his parents to thank for that. I can't wait to share our love of culture, travel, and curiosity with our future kids. I had dreamed of visiting Paris since I was a little girl.

From the moment we booked our flights, I couldn't stop drawing pictures in my mind of what the streets looked like, the smells of the city (which I didn't realize was 100% cigarettes), and thinking of ways to find magical streets and sights. Paris far surpassed all of my mind's masterpieces. I've caught myself recently: I passed by a crowd of smokers and a  little part of it took me back to Paris. There was a rush I felt in that city, I can't quite explain it except for saying that it is the most energizing feeling in the world, personally and for our business. I drew the connection of my energy in cities when I first visited New York., last spring.

Friends of ours asked if we would capture a session of them while we were in the city. Hunter happens to be a photographer as well, so it was a nice bonus that she offered to capture a few photos of Michael and I as well.  I still can't get over their photos. It was Christmas Day, the first Christmas we've spent just the two of us. It was cold. A few of us were under the weather. And did I mention that it was soooo cold?! We ended up staying right by the Eiffel Tower to capture the love these two share. I know I could never do their story justice so you can read more here but I loved looking at these pictures and trying to capture all of the happiness and joy, even though they are enduring some difficulties. 

I hope we have an opportunity to return to Paris really soon. And hopefully during spring or summer ;) 

xo | Kels


Kelsey Cowley