Our 4th Wedding Anniversary!

Today, Michael and I are celebrating 4 years of marriage. We got married in Arizona on a hot, 112 degrees to be exact, day! It was magical, beautiful, and better than I ever dreamed.

We’ve been so lucky to celebrate not only our honeymoon, but every anniversary since, in Disneyland! We do go often but it was just this year that we realized it’s become an actual tradition to go for our anniversary! And we always celebrate with good food- which happened last Saturday with sushi at Nobu! We are a pretty simple couple. We would much rather have sweet words on a sticky note than buying cards (although we still buy cards). And we would much rather spend time together doing something fun to us than buying gifts for each other (yet, I still want a Yearly Co. bangle next year for our 5th year!!!)! We really just love being together, enjoy each other’s company, eating something delicious, enjoying nice weather. We also know we are extremely lucky to live in such a beautiful place and count that blessing often. One thing I love about our life together is that we both know what we want and how we want to live it. Michael had such a clear vision of who he wanted to be (and who he was) and what he wanted from life when I met him and that was so attractive to me.

Our love is what inspires me creatively and in my life, in general. Our relationship makes me want to be better and do better. And it’s ultimately why I love photographing weddings. Every love and love story is unique to the couple. It’s so amazing to witness love first-hand while playing, what I believe, is the most important roll of the day. My main goal is for your story to really feel like it belongs to you. Photography is important, but it’s also important for Michael and I to form friendships with our clients! We are viewing you and capturing you on one of the biggest, most personal days of your life. Building trust and a connection between the four of us will make everything smoother, more fun, and I think you’ll see that you can just enjoy your day a little more knowing that we have your back.

As I continue to share little bits of our love and our life, I hope to connect with many of you on our similarities and maybe even our differences!

Anna Peters- a Seattle-based photographer- came to visit a few months ago and photographed Michael and I! I felt like today was the perfect day to share some of my favorites from that session.

Kelsey CowleyComment