3 Simple Ways to Wear A Silk Kerchief

I learned all about silk neck scarves from my grandma, who happens to have the best style and the best collection of scarves: vintage, Burberry, silk, linen, floral, dots, she has them all.

I think this trend is so fun and I love seeing more and more scarves pop up. Olivia’s kerchiefs are so beautifully made, the colors are so rich, and because she hand-paints the designs, they are truly unique. Plus, she’s just fun and cute and I love supporting other businesses run by strong women! I loved this blog post Olivia posted of her mom and sisters styling their kerchiefs. And I wanted to share my top three favorites with you!

one. The classic knot, the knot around the neck! The trick to getting the tails to sit right, is to cross over in opposite directions while making the knot.

two. The ponytail. Or top knot! I don’t discriminate amongst hairstyles, but I just like it in my hair! I’ve never loved my hair up; I just never feel ready unless my hair is down and done. Until I started wearing kerchiefs in my hair! I love doing a simple knot or bow around a pony tail! Or if you do a top knot, just wrap the kerchief around the bun a few times and then tie a small knot on the end!

three. The bracelet. Think simple solid-colored t-shirt, boyfriend jeans, and cute pair of sandals, and a kerchief tied in a knot around your wrist! It will add to any outfit and it’s something so simple!

Wearing a kerchief adds color and personality to any outfit and it is one of my most frequently worn accessories! Do you wear kerchiefs? How do you like to style them?