Movement, Friends, and Whole Foods.


Models | Cosette & Landon Smith. Dress | BHLDN. Florals | PAVAN Floral.

Last week, when we drove back California from Arizona, we drove straight to Whole Foods before we even went home. We've been consistently juicing for months now so whenever we go on a trip, we need and crave our juice even more. We walked into Whole Foods a little exhausted from the drive and I pretty much only had the energy to think of vegetables we needed for juicing, but hadn't yet planned meals for the week. We started filling our basket with produce. Our go-to's for juicing: kale, broccoli, parsley, celery, carrots, lemon, ginger, and a green apple or a pear. For some reason while browsing the produce, the beets were jumping out at me. Neither of us really love beets. Even in a juice, we both feel beets are pretty overpowering, but we know the benefits and can usually just force it down. After we picked all of our produce, we continued walking the store aimlessly. We made it to the bulk section because Michael's favorite hobby is "bulk testing" ;), specifically the chocolate covered almonds and peanut butter cups (yes, even Whole Foods has these). Mike tries to remain sneaky but as he started reaching for peanut butter cups, a girl stopped us and asked about the beets in our basket. And I must say, they really were beautiful beets. The greens were overflowing out of the basket and the color was so vibrant. She kept asking questions with genuine interest as to why we were buying beets and how we use them! She was with her boyfriend and he quickly joined in as well and the conversation went from vegetables to family life to inviting them to have dinner with us in a matter of 20 minutes. We just...clicked. 

Last night, we met our new friends for dinner at a local restaurant we've been wanting to try! We had similar taste in food, which came as no surprise. Two hours flew by and Mike and I talked about this experience the rest of the night. It was so refreshing for us to meet another couple that we connected so well with.  

If you're asking yourself how in the world this story could ever relate to photography, here goes... Sara Weir is an amazing photographer that we follow and we greatly admire her work. Last week, Sara posted a series of live videos talking about her passion for film and the magic involved with shooting film. Really just the magic in doing something you love. And for Sara, and Michael and I, that happens to be telling love stories on film. Sometimes the very things about film that worry clients are the reasons why we shoot. Clients worry about pictures being blurry if they have busy pictures or poses looking awkward if the couple isn't used to being photographed. Our response: We want movement and we want to capture your interactions by making sure you feel comfortable in front of the camera. And film really does capture movement and candid love in a way digital just cannot.

Just as well allowed ourselves to be open to meeting a couple in Whole Foods, we are learning to open up to allowing for more success, inquiries, creativity, and friendships in our field as well. Our new friends were drawn to those beets in our basket because they were beautiful, intriguing, colorful, and fresh. And then they wanted to know more and we had a connection. And that is what we hope for with YOU. That our work is what draws you in with color, movement, happiness, and love, but that you book us for US! 

With love,

Kels & Michael