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A Bride's Guide to Healthy Hair

A big part of my wedding planning included growing out my hair! When I first met Michael, I had just cut my hair pretty short. Growing my hair out long enough for my dream updo, while also maintaining my hair’s health was really important to me.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve been making an effort to introduce more non-toxic products into our home. Everything from cleaning supplies to beauty products, I’ve tried so many and feel like I’ve finally found ones that REALLY work. I’ve tried many products in all categories because I really did not want to sacrifice the product’s purpose just because it’s non-toxic. Beauty products were by far the hardest swaps to make! Even if you are happy to use any type of product, I promise these are actually good!

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Beautiful Suits to Wear For An Elopement or Engagement Session

If you’re thinking about non-traditional bridal wear, whether it be jumpsuits or a colored gown, I can’t wait to capture you in it! So excited to be photographing beautiful weddings this year and seeing all of the beautiful details that my couples choose.

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