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Crystal Cove Family Session

A stolen moment. The kind that almost feels too sacred to capture. I like to step back, to observe. Us knowing each other first gives me the ability to better anticipate these moments, to wait, and allows you to be comfortable with me waiting in the distance with the camera to my face. This applies for all of my sessions: fashion, family, engagements, and weddings. Especially weddings. Us being comfortable, already friends, I can stand close by during those intimate moments and you already know I'm going to make photographs to tell your story and you can just be present in the moment.

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Beautiful Dresses for Your Summer Portrait Session

I’ve received a few emails and direct messages on Instagram asking about what to wear for a family session or just beautiful dresses for summer. So I thought I would round up a few- 18 to be exact- of my favorites! I also wanted to include a few criteria I look for in choosing dresses to be photographed! Click here to read my 4 tips for finding the perfect dress for you!

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Rach Parcell & What to Wear For an Elegant, Casual Beach Session!

If Rachel Parcell wears a swimsuit and a gorgeous dress to a family session, I know it’s a great idea! Some of my favorite inspiration pieces for beautiful beach dresses, swimsuits, and sandal that would be perfect for an organic and elegant beach session.

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