Have Your Cake


When Michael and I first started dating, it was the start of a new semester and his housing for that semester had fallen through. His sister let him stay at their place for a few nights but a few nights turned into the whole semester, January to April. They lived in a basement apartment, that was actually pretty big, with their two babies...and Mike. Most nights, we would all cook dinner together and then go get candy or make cookie dough (as seen in my cheeks). Many beautiful memories were made in that basement apartment. We studied, played cards, watched many movies, cooked, and that's where Mike told me he loved me for the first time. 

While on a church mission, Michael's digital camera was stollen out of his car. He found a small film camera, with three lenses, at a garage sale for ONE DOLLAR. He used that camera to document the rest of his time in Colorado.

I've always loved documenting memories. Ask any of my friends since the time I purchased my first point and shoot in 7th grade. I was always the girl in everyone's faces taking pictures and videos. They weren't always artistic, but I was so scared to miss a moment and I felt like it was better to capture everything so I could remember as much as I possibly could later on in life. I wanted to remember my friends, their personalities, and our lives just how they were. And oh how I wish I would have instead documented it all on film. I never cleared a memory card for fear of losing it, I simply bought a new one. I have many. 


Together, Michael and I would go out with a good old roll of Fuji film from any corner store and shoot in the mountains and memories we wanted to make together. At the time we started seriously shooting together, one of our dear friends, who also happens to be a kick ass photographer himself (Austin Terry) gave us some direction on stocks we should be using for certain scenarios. The rest is history (well, after countless educational investments, going from one camera to now owning SIX cameras, and lots of love and tears). Our niece's birthday party three years ago was just another confirmation to us of how much we love being a part of special moments in life.