IVF Success


When Michael and I just started dating, he had a housing mishap and ended up without a place to live after Fall Semester. His sister and brother-in-law took in him as a temporary arrangement, but it become a semester-long situation. We spent hours and hours with my now, in-laws; watching their kids grow, watching movies together, cooking meals, soda runs, the list goes on. At the time, they had two kids. Being that their kids were so close in age, they knew they wanted to wait a while before trying for their third, but none of us knew the heartbreak we would all endure. 

After many shots, pills, tears, and prayers we found out that IVF was successful and that they were expecting our nephew, Ramsey!

This past weekend, we celebrated Ramsey's first birthday! Kids really do grow up so fast *cue tears*. The fact that time is flying this fast and Rams isn't even my own child... I'm scared to see how fast the time flies when Michael and I have babies. 

Happy birthday, Ram Ram. Auntie Kels and Mike Mike love you!


Kelsey Cowley