Monochrome Monday: Neutrals


Thank you, again, to everyone who participated in our giveaway and website launch last weekend! And thank you to everyone who signed up for my FREE guide all about how to get looks that give you confidence! I look forward to helping more people and to all of the fun we have together styling your looks!

I thought it would be fun to give little tips here on my site, because I know hiring me is not always an option for everyone. My hope is for this to be a place of inspiration and creativity to you! I have a section in my guide all about neutrals. I talk about how neutrals come in many colors and shades. Today I wanted to bring you the most obvious neutral, my go-to, and one that packs a bold punch when paired with items similar to itself: NUDE. I feel like every girl should own a really good pair of nude heels. I was lucky enough to find a pair of Stuart Weitzman's at Last Chance for $45 (if you have no idea what Last Chance is, I'm sure an Phoenician would love to tell you all about it ;) ).  But had I not found those, I definitely would have saved for a pair of nice nude heels. 

For my monochrome nude inspiration, I chose classic nudes and a few bolder options as well! I love seeing how big of a risk I can take when picking neutrals and nudes. And I'll let you in a little secret, take as big of a risk as you want! What I want you to see is that when you compare them all, they look really great together. I want to help you look at your options a little differently, help you put pieces together that you may otherwise not have! It's truly the best way to shop and the best way to fall in love with your own closet again! I also really love nudes and neutrals paired together. Here are a few monochrome looks I love. Monochrome doesn't have to be boring, in fact, I think its more interesting and takes a creative eye!  Different textiles to create lines and angles, slight variations of shades to create shadows and depth, and ornamental additions create an almost architectural element. 

I love incorporating stylistic elements into my photos. I'm sure you already know this, and I also touch on this a little bit in my guide as well, but an outfit can completely change the look and vibe of a photo. Same location, same model, same photographer, but two different looks... you'll get two different photos entirely. As a photographer and art director, I love watching models and clients faces light up when they are truly comfortable in what they have on. I also love how fashion is a way for individuals to express their personality.

If you haven't yet downloaded the free guide, you can find it here! If you've already read through it, I would love your thoughts and feedback! I would love to know how I can better serve you! 

xx kels