Perfect Engagement Session Outfits From the Shopbop Sale!

I used to work for a few fashion bloggers and have the major sale dates engrained in my memory forever. It’s a blessing and a curse. But in all honesty, if you don’t have millions of dollars just waiting to be spent, but you have expensive taste (i.e. we are alike!!!) then these major sales are the times to find designer pieces at really amazing prices.

I used to be intimidated by sales. But in all things with many options, you have to head into it with an idea of what you want. It also takes practice, believe it or not! So when shopping big sales, I give you two pieces of advice:

  1. Stick to brands you know, love, and most importantly, work for you! If you don’t know what brands you love or fit you well, pop into a Nordstrom or your favorite department store and try a bunch of items on! And don’t feel silly! You trying items on and knowing what works for you, saves the brands and stores from potential returns! I promise, stores would always rather you try on 100 pieces and not buy anything, versus have you not try anything on and end up returning what you buy.

  2. Know what you need. I mentioned above that having a goal is really important but it’s also necessary for success. If you have a black-tie event coming up, you shouldn’t be only looking at sun dresses and sandals. Or if you are looking for a coverup for your next beach getaway, the formal wear should probably be left for a later shopping trip. Are you looking for the perfect look for you spring, engagement session? Look for the bright colors, light dresses, and that fit the location you love!

I always look forward to the Shopbop sale every year. They are different than other major retailers. The range of brands they offer is just so vast and there is surely something for everyone. They are also now owned by Amazon and you can get items through Amazon Prime which just makes the shopping experience that much easier.


fancy & feminine.

one. two. three.

fun & flirty.

one. two. three. four.

dressy casual.

one. two. three. four.

bold neutral.

one. two. three.


  1. This khaki dress is so cute. I love that it combines masculine and feminine. Lots of texture and structure.

  2. This polka dot number is so chic, a modern take on a classic print. It has so much movement which is perfect for photos.

  3. LBD for a more formal look. This one is beautiful, too.

  4. A beautiful lace option for a formal look.

  5. A white dress is always a good option for the beach and spring or summer engagement photos.

  6. I love the color and movement of this gorgeous green dress. I see this session in a gorgeous, wide open field with lots of sun.

  7. This bold yellow for my brunette brides!!! Stunning. This is a little softer, but I’m on some sort of yellow kick and I love it. This one isn’t yellow, but it’s also bold and it’s GOOD.

  8. Vintage but modern. This one, too.

  9. A white jumpsuit. Enough said. I love that it’s not traditional, but it still has movement and the ties on the sleeves are the perfect touch of feminine. This would be such a good choice for a formal engagement session in the city, lots of architecture involved. I also love this one and this one. This one is a little more edgy but so fun.

  10. These colors are incredible! This dress reminds me of a painting! This one, too.

  11. For my spicy brides! Love this print! And the length is so flattering.

  12. So fancy and the color is incredible. This would also be perfect for a city engagement session! Also fancy, and floral!

  13. This dress is a little more bohemian and would look good belted. The top version is good too.

  14. This dress is a little wild, but I love the color-blocking!


  1. Such a rich color, lots of movement, and a really great shape.

  2. These pants are gorgeous. I’m getting major city vibes.

  3. Love how playful this skirt is.


  1. Love this bright white with ruffle detailing.

  2. Such a good top!! I love this color and the bow detail!

  3. I love this blazer. Paired with a silk, slip dress and a pair of open-toed heels. Perfection. This blazer is good, too.

  4. Perfectly girly, would be so cute with straight leg pants or a pencil skirt. This one is also perfectly girly and would be so cute under the denim jumpsuit above.

  5. I love that this is a classic shirt but also a body suit so it will stay tucked in! So good for when you’re moving around during photos!

  6. This velvet option with that silk skirt!

  7. Prettiest, white top for my girly brides.

  8. If you’re doing an engagement session soon and it’s still a bit chilly, this coat is gorgeous.


  1. A bold, statement earring for a dressier look. And these, these, and these.

  2. Love this bold option.

  3. These heels are worth every penny and would be a staple in your closet, I promise. Also good for a summer bride to wear on your wedding day. These are also worth every penny, and trust me because I have these! They are so comfortable.

  4. Love these summer sandals.

  5. I love a good eyelet lace. This top and this top are so cute.

  6. Rachel Comey everything.

  7. These are pictured above, but I’m writing about them too because they are such a good Chanel dupe.

This BUY MORE SAVE MORE sale can get you up to 25% OFF your order with the code GOBIG19! This post is just a taste at what I offer my clients, in terms of wardrobe styling. I love guiding you and you significant other towards finding pieces that you love and feel totally confident in!

Thanks for stopping by!

xx kels