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The Met Gala, Camp, and Every Day Wear With an Editorial Edge.

I’ve been dipping my foot into the world of art direction and fashion photography over the last year. It’s something I’m really excited to do more of and have real dreams of being in that space. My first love will always be weddings, but I have seen such a blend of both fashion and weddings over the past couple years and hope to see even more of the two worlds coming together. Brides that have confidence in their style and a love for fashion always end up picking the most beautiful details that are totally unique to them. Which is honestly one of the coolest parts to see! I love how the personalities of couples really shines on their wedding day from beginning to end. I hope high fashion keeps inspiring brides everywhere and that they can feel confident with their wedding, even if it doesn’t look like ones they’ve pinned, but feels personal to her.

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