The Met Gala, Camp, and Every Day Wear With an Editorial Edge.

I’ve been dipping my foot into the world of art direction and fashion photography over the last year. It’s something I’m really excited to do more of and have real dreams of being in that space. My first love will always be weddings, but I have seen such a blend of both fashion and weddings over the past couple years and hope to see even more of the two worlds coming together. Brides that have confidence in their style and a love for fashion always end up picking the most beautiful details that are totally unique to them. Which is honestly one of the coolest parts to see! I love how the personalities of couples really shines on their wedding day from beginning to end. I hope high fashion keeps inspiring brides everywhere and that they can feel confident with their wedding, even if it doesn’t look like ones they’ve pinned, but feels personal to her.

Two years ago, Michael and I were in New York as a graduation trip to ourselves. We had been walking down blocks near where we went to lunch and out of no where we were being directed down different streets. I’m still not entirely sure how we managed to stay on the block we were on, maybe it’s because we ignored the redirection due to the fact that we had no idea why we were being redirected or because we had a very obvious camera bag. We quickly realized that the hotel on that block was housing celebs in town for the Met Gala. I feel silly saying this, due to my love for high fashion, but I really had no idea what the Met Gala was. And especially no idea that we would be there at the same time.

So if you, too, have little knowledge about the Met Gala, it’s pretty much a celebration of extreme high fashion and costumes and trends inspire the next year. It’s an extremely exclusive, invite only, event, extravaganza really, to raise money for the Costume Institute (fashion department). The theme is always an important topic each year. This year’s theme is Camp: Notes on Fashion. Really just meaning exaggerated fashion. I love the theme and I’m so excited to see everyone’s looks. It really is the time for celebs to go all out and for designers to showcase big pieces by having celebs wear them with really extreme looks!

You all know my love for fashion by now and I especially love photographing fashion with an edge. Taking really simple and wearable pieces and dressing them up to their full potential or really showcasing their casual, wearability. Camp is not about every day wear, but quite the opposite. And I can’t wait to see all the looks and show you all my favorites!

Here are some of my favorite looks from last year’s Met Gala, Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.