The Carmack Family

Julie first contacted me about a family session when her daughter, Lani, was just about a year old. Over the past year and a half, Julie and I have grown a friendship and connected over many things we have in common. I’ve had the privilege of watching their family grow and being there for all the big and small moments. After a few sessions outdoors, we decided on an in-home, lifestyle session for their newborn shoot and it was perfect.

In-home session quickly become one of my favorites. There is something so special about a family in their own home. Kids are more themselves being in their own space, husbands are more relaxed, and mamas get enjoy all of the moments. Sometimes diapers show, or hairs are out of place, maybe we have to read every book and play with every toy, but that is what’s so beautiful.

Julie and BJ gave me the very special honor of being in the hospital for Jack’s birth. I’m constantly reminded of how amazing and beautiful this job is and how lucky I am to be in this position. I learn something new at every session and I’m always growing friendships out of clients.

All film scanned and developed at Goodman Film Lab, shot on Portra 800 pushed one stop, and HP5 pushed two stops.