The Coffey's.

Jessica and Drew are such good friends of ours and we were honored to photograph their wedding day. Jessica was my first bride to also use my styling and art direction services. It was so much fun to be such a big part of Jess and Drew’s day and really help guide them to find their style and what they love. We started with the engagement session and we found the perfect location and outfits that they felt extremely confident in. We worked together on details for the bridal party and the reception and everything came together so beautifully. Are you looking for this kind of direction for your wedding day?

The process started with my free guide on how to find the perfect outfit! This is really great for anyone, even if you aren’t planning on having photos taken, but it is especially helpful for portrait and engagement sessions. I do offer full wardrobe styling services, but this is a wonderful place to start. I have known Jessica for years, so knowing her style already was really helpful in making suggestions. But I do have a questionnaire for couples that helps me get to know them. We then create a Pinterest board tailored to you and the emotions and looks you love. Poses are helpful, too. But I also like to leave it open so that I am able to direct you into poses that work for you!

I also have an always growing list of vendors I love and trust. Having amazing vendors come together on a wedding day is amazing. It makes the day run so smoothly and everyone watches out for each other. I know that it can be overwhelming to hire vendors and may seem easier to just hire one person who does everything. But it doesn’t have to be a stressful process. I always recommend couples work with a planner. I really can’t say enough good things about planners. They are the foundation of a smooth, beautiful wedding day. I know that this is a big expense for some, but most planners now offer month-of services just to make sure the timeline is perfect and everything is all lined up (and much, much more). And if you need vendor suggestions, planners always have vendors they love and have worked with before. I’m obviously just a photographer, but from working weddings and being in the industry, I can say that photographers also have great suggestions for vendors!

If you’re curious about what the process could look like for you and your wedding day, don’t hesitate to email me! I would love to chat!