The March Project.

Our March Project. Our first really planned personal project in awhile. We shoot for ourselves here and there but for our March project, we really wanted to capture those small moments that show our lives at this time. 

We each tried to take at least one photo a day. Sometimes we took six and some days we took zero, but we tried. We currently share a car (actually we have our entire marriage) so there are many days spent driving around together so that I'm not stranded at home. Michael's masters program is in quarters so his schedule changes more often than a typical school schedule. He has a part-time job working at an elementary school as a coordinator for an after school program. Some days, that means lunch in the car and many miles going back and forth, back and forth.

Throughout the month, we were able to capture a huge variety of moments. We went to sidecar doughnuts more times than we would like to admit. A few Disney days. Michael's parents and siblings came to visit in March for a few birthday celebrations. More rain than we ever thought we would get here in Southern California. Nature. Lunches in the car.  The driving range. Lots and lots of trips to the grocery store. 

We are heading to Germany the end of this month and we are currently on track to bring more film than ever before. I can't wait! If any of you have favorite sights or restaurants in Germany, let me know! We are big on food and picturesque places!

xx Kels.

Kelsey Cowley