Color Photos: Shot on Portra 400, pushed 1 stop.  Black and White: Delta 3200 rated at 800. All photos developed & scanned at The FIND Lab.

We feel lucky to know the Barazoto Family. Ben, Jamie, and Lucy just welcomed Walter into their family and he really could not be any more perfect. And Lucy might just be the best big sister to ever exist. She's gentle, patient, loving and wants to hold Walt ALL the time.

They have the most charming home in Arizona that actually makes us consider moving back one day...maybe ;). I've always looked up to Jamie's aesthetic and design eye; it's classic and timeless meets vintage and fun. Michael and I both look up to Ben and Jamie as parents. Anyone who knows Lucy or their relationship,  you would agree. 


How sweet is he?! We had this session planned for over a month. Jamie went a few weeks early and was thinking Walter would be on a similar schedule. Well, a week before our scheduled session, he was still snug and content. I annoyingly texted Jamie every day for a labor update until he finally made his way to the outside world on Valentine's Day. Only five days old for our session, Wally was alert and awake the entire time. We experienced some pretty crazy Arizona weather and the sun kept playing games with us, but we made it work!

We love developing friendships with clients and capturing their lives in all stages. There is such a fulfillment from being a part of such big moments in the lives of others; this is what drives us. We promise you will never regret having your biggest moments documented. 

with love,

Kels & Michael